Fat to Muscle, Muscle to Fat?

Fat to Muscle, Muscle to Fat?

Fat to Muscle? Muscle to Fat? No, no, no…

Lies, lies, lies! It just doesn’t happen! We hear it all the time… “I’m working out less and my muscle is turning into fat!” One of the biggest myths in fitness… muscle and fat are completely different types of tissue and can’t magically be changed or transformed into one another. Muscle shrinks (atrophy) when not stimulated through resistance training so your muscles may in fact,  seem softer or less visible. Compounding the problem, most people don’t lower their calorie intake to match their now lower energy needs due to a lack of training. The result is less muscle mass and extra calories being stored as fat… a shift in your body composition.

Fit and healthy

Remember, take your time and be patient! When it comes to your overall fitness, slow and steady wins the race! Proper diet and exercise should become a lifestyle and should not be compared to a sprint for 4-12 weeks. This sprint type of concept is exactly why so many who choose the fad diet route often put all of their initial weight, plus more back on once their “diet” ends. The body is a highly intelligent machine and compensates at the first opportunity if it has been “tricked”.

As for your training, when your body is ready, increase the intensity of your workout in small amounts. This will provide the challenge necessary for improvements without causing injury. Too much too soon can over stress the body, limit your progress and increase your risk of injury. And if you have to take time off from your fitness training just make sure to decrease your caloric intake accordingly……so your muscle doesn’t disappear under a layer of fat!

No matter what, always make fitness a part of your routine. Go for a walk, use iBoot, or follow an at-home program properly designed by a fitness coach. Just stay fit!

Written by Jason Horsley from the eFitness for Life.

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