Light or Heavy Weight for Your Workouts

Light or Heavy Weight for Your Workouts

How Heavy Should My Weights be in My Fitness Training Plan?

Irrelevant of your fitness goals, this is a very good, common question! One missed all too often! Trying to lose a few pounds? Trying to build some muscle? No matter! Some are not going to like this answer because it kills the notion that just “showing up” at the gym will work! Not going to happen that way.

Weight? Use the heaviest weight possible with “GOOD” form! The little two or three pound, pink plastic weights in those Jane Fonda videos should be tossed in the trash, right along with those 1980′s leg warmer/headband sets (you know who you are). Creating a truly fit, functional body, your fitness training plan must be built around the use of weights that push your muscles and mind to achieve new levels strength. For those training at home, invest in either a set of solid, well-constructed dumbbells or resistance bands that allow a variety of resistance that you consider light, medium and heavy.

Light weight

Keep in mind, the body does need time to adjust to the exercise, but this should not take longer than 2-3 weeks if starting from scratch, before you can begin to truly test the muscles. Don’t start from the heaviest weight possible right away. Listen to your body and build it up carefully and responsibly. Once you know that you are ready grab the heaviest weights you can manage during the exercise. Don’t shy away from moving your resistance levels up with good form. Perfect form is not required, but a good balance in your form and the weight used is.

Heavy weight

Your goal, with your fitness training plan, should be success with the utmost efficiency. To do this, you MUST challenge your body and mind during your workouts. No leg warmers! No three-pound weights. Challenge, challenge, challenge!

Written by Jason Horsley from the eFitness for Life.

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